My Biggest Fans

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Go Go Diego themed cakeImagine your mom would be making cakes multiple times per week. Sometimes those cakes would be even yours. Or sometimes you were allowed to help and to taste them. Occasionally you’d be the creative director and let your imagination run wild. There are also leftovers you’d have to deal with and perfectly fine cakes that needed redoing. The later doesn’t happen often enough, though.

Well, we are talking about my kids Julia and Joseph, who’ve been a great inspiration and grateful consumers of my work. It’s easy with them, since it’s a job they can fully support.

Julia made a cake while at a birthday partyThere’s a nice lineup of birthday cakes for them in the kids birthday cake gallery. You see his Go, Go Diego themed cake here and Julia’s cake that’s been created during a birthday event. But there’s also a soccer player on one of the cakes and my daughter’s violin as well.

There are plenty of cakes for them in my future as well.